Tracy Cologne, Vince Cologne, Joe Egnoski, Trent Wearner Golf Academy, Trent Wearner, Kim Cathrein Silva – Just wanted to take a minute to thank a group of people who have helped Zach reach his goal of playing college golf.

It’s been a long road with many ups and downs (pun intended :)), and bumps in the road.  Through it all he had a lot of help along the way.  From Kim Cathrein Silva teaching him how to swing a club when he was about 7, to Joe Egnoski expanding on that beginning and teaching him how to really play golf as he got older. Trent Wearner has been very instrumental over the years fine tuning the swing, how to think, and in every way he possibly could-from late night panic texts, to early morning panic texts and everything in between.  Additionally none of this would have been possible without Tracy Cologne, Vince Cologne, Max, Garrett, and the entire Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour.

Bringing competitive golf, and multi-day events to Colorado has been invaluable for the development of many, many junior golfers all over Colorado, Arizona, NM, WA, etc, etc, etc. I remember Zach’s first event when he was 12 or 13-he shot 101, 103 over the 2 day event-and I believe he finished last.  I was concerned that this golf thing may just not be for him.  He loved playing so we kept putting him out there. The multi day events, and great competition created an environment to learn and improve.  It’s been a great run over the years and a ton of fun.

I truly believe these competitive events have created better golfers and great opportunities for many kids, including Zach.  I think I saw that 36 Colorado kids signed letters of intent to play college golf this year, and I believe much of this is due to Tracy, Vince and the RMJGT.

If you’re a parent of a young golfer, and aren’t sure if this is for them….stay with it, it will all come together in time, and every kids timetable is different. Let them have fun, and get them to the golf course as much as possible. There are many others I have failed to mention who have also been instrumental…..thanks to all, I truly appreciate all of the time and effort you each have provided over the years!