Player of the Year Info

The players who finish in the top 10 for their age division at the conclusion of the tournament season qualify to play in the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour Tournament of Champions to be held at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona in December*

Season Point Table (RMGJT & NAJA QUALIFIER Events)

Position/Place of Finish ALL RMJGT EVENTS MAJORS/QUALIFIERS & Invitationals

1st 3500
2nd 2500
3rd 2000
4th 1500
5th 1400
6th 1300
7th 1200
8th 1100
9th 1000
10th 900
11th 800
12th 700
13th 600
14th 400
15th 300

State Point System

The Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour will also award points to the top players in each division at each individual state tournament. Players may start accumulating points at the first RMJGT event of the season. The last event hosted in each state will be the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. At this final state event, the top point holder in each division will be awarded the State Player of the Year (this is separate from the Overall Player of the Year awarded at Tournament of Champions).


Here is the system:

At each RMJGT tournament, the top 10 players in the boys 15-19 division are awarded state points (winner receives 10 points, 2nd place receives 9 points, & so on). The top 5 13-14 & 12-13 boys, along with the 15-19 girls are awarded state points (winner receives 5 points). The top 3 younger boys and girls are awarded state points (winner receives 3 points). Each player finishing the event will also receive 1 point for participating.

Boys 15-19 Example:
Winner: James Dean from Colorado is awarded 10 points
2nd: Harry Truman from Washington is awarded 9 points
3rd: Bruce Lee from New Mexico is awarded 8 points
and so on…

Good Luck!


In order for scores from our events to be included on Junior Golf Scoreboard for national rankings, each age group must have at the least five participants who complete at least 36 holes.

Also, to be ranked, all participants must play from a minimum of 4,500 yards and not shorter than the forward-most USGA rated tees.


Events must have a minimum of 40 boys and 12 girls at the start.

Pull carts are allowed if the facility allows them.

The rankings will only count the oldest age division. Multiple divisions may only be combined if all juniors are playing from the same tees and yardages.

A pace of play policy must be disclosed, implemented, and enforced. Extensive waiting on course and 5+ hour rounds will not be acceptable.

A policy designed to prohibit withdrawal due to poor play must be disclosed, implemented and enforced.


AJGA Performance Based Entry status for top finishers will be considered if the field size reaches 40 players in the Boys 14-19 Division, 12 players in the Girls 15-19 Division, and 20 players in the Boys 12-13 Division. The following will be awarded if the specific division meets the aforementioned requirement.

Boys 14-19 Champion = 4 Performance Stars

Boys 14-19 Top 5 = 1 Performance Star

Girls 15-19 Champion = 4 Performance Stars

Girls 15-19 Top 5 = 1 Performance Star

Boys 12-13 Champion = 1 Performance Star

Additionally, if a tournament field has at least 55 players in the Boys 15-19 Division or 18 players in the Girls Division, the AJGA will recognize the top 10% of the specific division with 1 AJGA Performance Star. For example if the field reaches 60 players in the Boys 14-19 Division in addition to what is listed above, 6th place will be awarded 1 AJGA Performance Star.

AJGA PBE Status for the Tournament of Champions:

Boys (15 – 19) Champion: 8 Performance Stars

Boys (15 – 19) Top 5: 4 Performance Stars

Boys (13 – 14) Champion: 1 Performance Star

Girls (15 – 19) Champion: 8 Performance Stars

Girls (15 – 19) Top 3: 4 Performance Stars

Girls (14 & U) Champion: 1 Performance Star

2014 Player of the Year Standings

2013 Player of the Year

2012 Player of the Year

2011 Player of the Year

2010 Player of the Year


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